Living With Osteoporosis


When you have osteoporosis, good health habits are a must. You need to stay as healthy as possible. And, you need to guard against broken bones. These tips will help.


First, eat a healthy diet. Make sure you're getting enough calories every day. Eat fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of calcium and vitamins D and K to keep your bones strong. And if your doctor recommends any dietary supplements, take them as directed.


You'll also want to stay physically active. Strength training and resistance training help keep your bones strong. Regular exercise also hones your balance and coordination. Those are skills that keep you from falling if you stumble. Your doctor can recommend some specific exercises for you.

Prevent falls

And finally, do everything you can to prevent falls, because a fall can easily lead to broken bones. So be safe. Wear proper shoes, avoid slippery floors, and use a cane or walker if you need one. Keep your home well lit, and the floor free of clutter. Make sure your rugs have skid-proof backings. Install handrails in your bathroom. Wear your eyeglasses at all times so you can see clearly. And be careful if you take medications that affect your balance or reaction time, or that could cause you to faint. These increase your risk of a fall.


Talk to your doctor for other tips about living with osteoporosis.