Living With Parkinson's Disease


If you've been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, you may have questions about what it means for you. You may be worried or uncertain about your future. But you should know that Parkinson's disease doesn't have to rob you of your life. Although there is no cure, you can manage your symptoms. And these tips can help.

Get regular exercise

Parkinson's affects how you move. And regular exercise helps keep you moving. Try walking, swimming, cycling or dancing. Or try something else that you enjoy. A good exercise plan helps with your balance and coordination.

Eat a healthy diet

You should also focus on eating a healthy diet. Choose fresh, nutritious foods. Drink plenty of water. Try to get enough fiber. Foods rich in antioxidants may help you, too. Blueberries, green tea, whole grains, dark green vegetables and fish are all good sources of antioxidants.

Watch for depression

It's common for people who have Parkinson's to experience depression, too. So be aware of your emotions. Speak up if you feel sad or hopeless. Tell a family member or friend, and tell your doctor so you can get the support you need.

Take an active role in your healthcare

And finally, remember that you are an important part of your own care team. So become involved in your care. Manage your medications properly. Stay informed about advancements in Parkinson's research. Investigate clinical trials. Always be open and honest, and let your team know if something isn't right.


If you take an active role in your care and follow your doctor's advice, you can manage Parkinson's successfully.