Living With Schizophrenia


If you've been diagnosed with schizophrenia, you may have questions about what it means for you. You may feel confused and scared. But schizophrenia doesn't have to rob you of your life. You can learn to manage it. These tips can help.

Take your medications

First, take your medications as directed. Even if you don't see an immediate change, keep taking them unless your doctor tells you to stop. This is very important.

Manage stress

Manage your stress levels. Stress can trigger your symptoms or make your symptoms worse. So know your limits. Don't take on more than you can handle, and don't let yourself get overwhelmed.

Get sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep. You may need more sleep than you think, especially when taking medications. Medications for schizophrenia are known to affect sleep. So make sleep a priority.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Many people who have schizophrenia also have a substance abuse problem. If you abuse alcohol or drugs, you're less likely to follow your treatment plan. That's very dangerous. So avoid alcohol and drugs. If you have a substance abuse problem, get help.

Reach out

It's important to maintain connections with your loved ones and friends. So reach out. Talk to others. Try to involve them in your treatment plan. These relationships will help you. Many people also find help going to a support group. They connect you with other people experiencing the things your dealing with.


If you take an active role in your care and follow your doctor's advice, you can learn to manage schizophrenia and take back your life.