This is an x-ray of your breast. We use it to check for signs of breast cancer. A mammogram helps us find cancer early. It can find cancer even before you feel a lump in your breast.

How is it done?

How is a mammogram done? We do it with a special x-ray machine that you stand in front of. Your breasts are x-rayed one at a time. To take an x-ray image of a breast, the breast is pressed between two plates. The plates flatten your breast so the tissue is easier to see. We take one image from the top of your breast, and one from the side. We repeat this for the other breast.

Does it hurt?

Does a mammogram hurt? When your breasts are flattened between the plates, you will feel pressure. It may feel uncomfortable. It may even feel a bit painful. But the x-rays are done quickly, so this feeling won't last long.


After your mammogram, a radiologist studies the x-rays and sends a report to your doctor. Your doctor will follow up with you soon to discuss the results.