Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Teens


If your child has type 1 diabetes, you're a key part of their care. It's an important job. You need to know about things like glucose, insulin and healthy diets. At first, this feels overwhelming. But don't worry. You'll quickly become an expert.

Diabetes management plan

Your journey begins with something we call a "diabetes management plan." That's a care plan created by your child's healthcare team. It gives you a schedule to follow. It gives you a place to log info about your child. Of course, you'll also need some training. So you'll be taught how to monitor your child's blood glucose levels. You'll learn about insulin and other medications your child may need. And, you'll learn to give insulin injections.

Other aspects of management

The management plan has important information about nutritional guidelines and exercise. It shows you how to deal with diabetes-related emergencies. It has tips for how to keep your child safe when they aren't with you. By following the plan, you can manage diabetes without feeling overwhelmed.

Teaching your child to manage diabetes

With time, you'll help your child care for themselves. They'll begin to manage their own glucose levels and insulin injections. They'll learn to work directly with their healthcare team. This will become a normal part of life. With your guidance, your child can enjoy a long and healthy life.