Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)


This is a form of therapy that allows doctors to move your body without causing you any discomfort or pain. It's a technique used by specially-trained physicians and chiropractors, and it can be helpful for a variety of patients. During the procedure, you are given medicine that relaxes you or puts you to sleep. Then, your care team moves and stretches your body into specific positions based on your needs. As part of the procedure, some patients may be given injections that will help relieve pain.

How It's Used

MUA can be used to help care for many types of pain. This includes pain from injuries and pain from chronic conditions. It's often used to care for problems with the spine or with specific joints.

MUA Examples

With MUA, a doctor can target painful scar tissue inside the body. For example, after a surgical procedure, you may be at risk for soft tissue adhesions. That's when soft tissues become stuck together. MUA can help prevent adhesions from forming, or it can help break them apart. And, MUA can also free a joint that has become frozen in place.

Safe Care

MUA is a safe form of care that is helpful for many patients. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.