Metabolic Monitoring for Kids Who Take Antipsychotic Drugs

Your child is taking drugs to treat psychosis. They can be life-changing. But they may also cause weight gain. This can lead to diabetes, heart problems and other issues. So we need to track your child's health closely while they take these drugs.

Height and weight

We begin by measuring their height, weight and body mass index. We say "BMI." We measure the size of their waistline. We take these measurements during their treatment.

Blood samples

We also sample your child's blood. We check their blood glucose and cholesterol levels. We may test their blood regularly to see if these levels change. These tests show if your child is at risk of diabetes or heart problems.

Doctor visits

It's important to bring your child to all of their doctor visits so we can track their health. If we see problems, we can adjust their medications as needed.

Managing weight at home

You can help keep your child's weight under control by promoting a healthy lifestyle. So focus on providing a nutritious diet and encouraging your child to exercise every day. Plan nutritious meals. Limit fast food and and junk food, and help them choose healthy snacks. Motivate them to exercise. Try taking a family walk each day. Encourage them to play sports. Help them find activities they enjoy.


For more info about antipsychotics and weight gain, talk to your child's doctor.