This procedure creates tiny holes in skin that's been damaged by the sun, or in skin blemished by wrinkles or scars. When these holes heal, your skin is refreshed. Microneedling can restore your skin. It can give you a healthier appearance.

The procedure

To begin, your skin is numbed. Then, the needling device is used. Some devices roll across your skin. Some are pen-shaped, and designed to target a small area. The device makes small holes in your skin's top layer. You'll feel a poking sensation as the holes are made. Most patients say it's not very painful.

Healing response

The holes are tiny injuries that stimulate your body's healing response. Your body produces a protein called "collagen" to repair your skin. The collagen helps fill wrinkles and scars.


After the procedure, your skin may be rubbed with cream. It may be sore for a few days. It may feel tight. Follow your aftercare instructions so you get the best results.