Mohs Micrographic Surgery (MMS)


This is a surgery for skin cancer. With this technique, the surgeon carefully studies tissue as it is removed to make sure no cancer cells are left behind. It's often used for cancers of the face and neck. It can be good for cancers that are rare or aggressive.


To begin, your skin is numbed. The surgeon removes the cancerous tissue on your skin's surface. Then, a deeper layer of skin is removed. The surgeon carefully divides it into sections and records how they were positioned in your skin.


Next, your surgical site is bandaged. You wait while the surgeon studies the tissue samples. They are frozen and are examined under a microscope. The surgeon looks for any signs that cancer cells may extend down past the tissue that was removed. If it looks like cancer cells remain, the surgeon will take away more cells. This process is repeated until all of the cancer is removed.

End of Procedure

When the surgery is done, the surgical site is closed and bandaged. If you need reconstructive surgery, a specialist may finish the procedure. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to help you heal.