My Baby Needs Surgery

Your baby is about to have surgery. It's normal for you to stress about it. But don't let it overwhelm you. Let's talk about how to prepare yourself and your baby.

Ask questions

First, know that you're an important member of your baby's healthcare team. So take an active role in their care. Ask questions. What will the surgery be like? How long will it last? What are the risks? What can you expect during recovery? Keep asking until you get the answers you need. Being informed will help ease your stress.

Get prepared

Now, get prepared. Before your baby's surgery, visit the hospital. Take a tour and meet the staff. Talk to family members and friends who can help you during and after the surgery. Look for a support group, if that will help you. And consider writing down your thoughts and feelings during this time.

Soothe your baby

When your baby is in the hospital, try to keep them calm and happy. Speak in a soothing voice. Stay with them, and hold and rock them when you can. Give them comfort items like a blanket, stuffed animal or pacifier. Read a book, or play relaxing music.

Don't forget you

And don't forget about your own needs. Try to eat healthy meals and snacks. Make time to move around and get fresh air when you need to. Maybe try relaxation techniques like meditation, controlled breathing and yoga. For more tips, talk to your doctor.