Myomectomy (Laparoscopic Method)


This surgery removes a growth (called a "fibroid") from the wall of your uterus. That's the organ we also call the "womb."


To begin, you're given medicine to relax you or put you to sleep. The surgeon makes a few small openings in your abdomen. One is for a special camera called a "laparoscope." The others are for tiny instruments.

Exposing the fibroid

The surgeon carefully opens the wall of the uterus to expose the fibroid. It's carefully separated from your uterus and removed. Sometimes, your surgeon will find and take out more than one fibroid. Then, the wall of the uterus is closed.

End of Procedure

Finally, the openings in your skin are closed and bandaged. You are monitored in a recovery room as you wake up. Follow your surgeon's plan for a safe recovery.