Natural Childbirth (Unmedicated Delivery)


You're getting ready for your baby's birth, and you have some personal decisions to make. One of these is the type of delivery you want to have. If the thought of a lot of medical help doesn't feel right to you, you may opt for a natural childbirth.

No painkillers

With a natural childbirth, you'll deliver your baby vaginally. You won't be having a cesarean section. You also won't be using anesthesia, which means you will feel all the sensations of birth. You'll manage your pain with breathing exercises and body positions. Warm baths, aromatherapy and other techniques can help, too. Your care provider will be there to guide you through your labor.


Where will you have your baby? Well, that depends on your needs. You may choose to have a natural childbirth at a hospital. You may choose a birthing center. Or, you may give birth in your home.


Natural childbirth isn't recommended for everyone. If you have certain risk factors, it may not be safe for you or for your baby. Your doctor can help you decide if it's right for you.