Non-Insulin Medications for Type 2 Diabetes

You've been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. You probably won't need insulin therapy. We can likely treat you with other medications. We call these "non-insulin" medications. Let's take a moment to learn more.

What are the options?

First, what are the options? Well, there are several drugs we can use. Some are pills, and some are injected. Each drug differs in how it affects your body's use and storage of glucose (also called "sugar").

How do they work?

How do they work? Some drugs slow down how much glucose your liver makes. Some drugs help remove glucose from your blood. Some help your pancreas release natural insulin. And some drugs slow down the way your body absorbs food. We may start you with one drug, then add one or more as needed.


Along with medications, you also need to focus on a healthy lifestyle. You may need to make changes in what you eat. And you may need to exercise more. Your doctor will create a care plan that's right for you.