Occipito-Cervical Fixation (OC Fusion)


This surgery fuses your skull to your cervical spine. It's done with a combination of implants. The implants are linked with rods to stabilize your head and neck.


To begin, you are anesthetized. You're placed in a face-down position. A clamp secures your head so it won't move. A small part of your scalp may be shaved. Then, an incision is made starting at the back of your head and passing down the back of your neck.


A series of screw implants are placed on both sides of your vertebrae. A plate may be attached to your skull. Then, the surgeon places stiff rods along the implants. They are held in place with locking screws. Your surgeon may put graft material along the implants to help your bones fuse.

End of procedure

When the surgery is done, your incision is closed and bandaged. You are watched in a recovery room. You'll stay in the hospital until your surgeon says it's OK for you to go home. Your healthcare provider will give you a care plan to help you heal.