If you have pain in your foot, knee, hip or back, your podiatrist may recommend orthotics. These are supports you wear in one or both shoes. They can help keep your body aligned correctly and comfortably. Orthotics can correct your posture, and reduce wear and tear on your joints.


Some orthotics can be bought off the shelf. Others are custom made for your feet. Before choosing an orthotic, your podiatrist will study your feet and the way you walk. Your podiatrist may also make a digital scan of your feet. This can show how pressure is distributed in your soles. If custom orthotics are best for you, your podiatrist may take molds of your feet so that your orthotics will have a precise fit.


Your orthotics will fit comfortably in your own shoes. They will help keep your feet aligned and help give them proper support. Orthotics can reduce pressure on your joints. If you have an injury, they can help you heal. And they can prevent future injuries, especially if you're active.


Orthotics are a safe and effective way to care for many types of pain. Your podiatrist will create a plan that's right for you.