Partial Knee Replacement (Robotic-Arm Assisted Method)

This surgery replaces a damaged part of your knee. A surgical robot helps the surgeon be more precise. Here's how it works.


Before your surgery, we make a CT scan of your knee. The scan is used to build a detailed computer 3D model of your knee. This model lets us see exactly where the damage is and how it should be removed. We also use the model to test different sizes and shapes of implants. That's how we select the right implants for your anatomy.

Removing damage

To start the surgery, you're given medicine to relax and numb you or to put you to sleep. We make an incision to reach the joint. Now we use the surgical robot. The robot's arm holds the surgical instruments. It uses the 3D model of your knee to help the surgeon guide the instruments with great precision. That allows us to remove only the damaged parts of your knee, leaving healthy tissue intact.

Placing implants

Now, the implants are placed in your knee. We test them to make sure they fit together well and glide smoothly.

End of procedure

When the surgery is done, the incision is closed. You're watched in a recovery room for a brief time. Follow your surgeon's advice as you heal.