PCL Reconstruction (Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction)


This surgery replaces a badly damaged posterior cruciate ligament. We call this ligament the "PCL." It's a band of tissue in the knee that helps connect the femur to the tibia. A damaged PCL makes your knee unstable.


To begin, we give you medicine to put you to sleep. We also prepare the tissue we'll implant to replace your damaged PCL. We call this the "graft." We may choose to make the graft from one of your own ligaments. If so, we make an incision and take out the tissue we need. Or, we may choose to use graft material taken from a donor.

Removing the PCL

Now, we make small openings in your knee. One is for a camera device called an "arthroscope." It lets us see inside your knee. The other openings are for small instruments. With them, we carefully take out the damaged PCL.

Inserting the graft

Next we drill a channel through the tibia and femur. We slide the graft into this channel. We anchor it securely in place. The graft will do the job your PCL used to do.

End of procedure

When we're done, we close and bandage your skin. You're watched for a brief time as you wake up. Follow your surgeon's instructions for a safe recovery.