Post and Core Restoration (Prefabricated Post System)


This procedure prepares your tooth for a dental crown. It's helpful for a tooth that has lost so much of its natural crown that it can't support a dental crown. Most often, it's done on a tooth that has already had a root canal.


Because your tooth's nerves would have been removed during a root canal, you may not need any anesthetic for this procedure. But if you do have sensitivity, you are numbed. Next, your dentist carefully drills into the root of your tooth, removing some of the filling that was placed there during your root canal. This creates a channel deep into your tooth.

Placing the post

Then, your dentist selects a post to fit this channel. Some posts are made of metal. Others are made of resin mixed with strengthening fibers of quartz, glass, carbon or some other material. Some posts have screw threads, and others are smooth. Your dentist chooses the style that's best for your tooth. The post is screwed or cemented into the channel. The end of the post sticks out of your tooth.

Building the core

Next, your dentist builds up the space around the post with a composite material. It hardens, restoring some of your tooth's shape and height. And it creates a stable base.


Finally, your dentist makes a mold of your tooth so your crown can be made. You may be given a temporary crown and sent home. You'll come back for another visit to receive your permanent crown.