Pregnancy: Your Second Trimester


You're in your second three months of pregnancy. We call this the "second trimester." You're used to the idea of being pregnant. And hopefully the worst of your nausea has passed. But now you'll see more visible physical changes.

Your body

If it hasn't already, during the second trimester your pregnancy will begin to show. You'll develop a "baby bump." Your breasts will get bigger. You may also notice changes in your skin. You can have brown patches on your face, and a dark line running down your abdomen.

Physical problems

There may be some problems, too. You can have a stuffy nose and nosebleeds. Your gums may bleed easily. You may have a vaginal discharge, and urinary tract infections. You may have dizziness and leg cramps. And you may sometimes feel mild contractions in your abdomen.

Your mind

During your second trimester, you may feel a little better emotionally. You may have more energy than you did early in your pregnancy. But you may also have some anxiety about the coming changes in your life. So take this time to make plans and prepare for your baby's arrival.


The second trimester is an exciting time for medical checkups, because you may get to hear your baby's heartbeat and find out your baby's sex. Follow your doctor's advice carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, discuss them with your doctor.