Prenatal Care

This is health care you get while you're pregnant. It helps us make sure that you and your baby are as healthy as possible. And it lets us spot issues along the way.

Regular visits

Prenatal care can be given by a doctor, nurse or midwife. Expect to go in for regular checkups and exams while you're pregnant. Typically, you'll visit every four to six weeks for the first 32 weeks of your pregnancy. During weeks 32 to 37, you'll go in every two or three weeks. And from week 37 until your delivery, you'll visit every week.

High-risk pregnancy

Prenatal care is especially important if you have a "high-risk" pregnancy. That's when we think there could be a problem for you or your baby. What makes a pregnancy high-risk? Many factors play a role. Are you older than 35? Do you have a medical condition? Are you pregnant with multiples? Have you had a problem in an earlier pregnancy? If so, your care provider will want to see you more often and more closely.


As part of your prenatal care, you may be offered scans and tests. These help us learn more about the health of your baby. Some people are interested in these, and some aren't. Your care provider will explain benefits and risks.


Prenatal care is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. Your care provider will make a plan that's right for you.