Preparing Your Child for an MRI

Your child needs to have an MRI. It's a simple, painless procedure, but it can be scary for kids. So let's learn about how to prepare them.

Tell them the basics

First, fill them in on the basics. Tell them an MRI lets their doctor look inside their body. It's done with a big machine. They will lie on a special table that slides into an opening in the machine. The MRI machine won't touch them or hurt them in any way. But it does make a lot of loud noises. Its banging and buzzing sounds can be scary. Let them know they will wear special headphones to help block the noise.

Find out the specifics of your child's scan

Keep in mind, MRIs are different for different children. Your child's MRI could be done while they are awake. If so, they will need to hold very still. Or, they may need to be put to sleep during their MRI. They may need to drink a contrast solution or get an injection of contrast dye before their MRI. Talk to their doctor so you can let your child know what to expect.


And finally, let them know a technician will watch them during their MRI. They can talk to this technician if they need anything. And tell them that you or another caregiver will also be close by, too. For more information about your child's MRI, talk to your child's doctor.