Prostatectomy (Robot-Assisted Method)


This surgery removes your prostate. That's the small gland between a man's bladder and penis. Let's look at surgery with the robot-assisted method. It's less invasive than traditional, open surgery.


To begin, you are put to sleep. The surgeon makes some small openings in your belly. These are for a camera and instruments. They're held by robotic arms. The surgeon controls them from a console while viewing the surgical area in 3D.

Removing the prostate

The surgeon separates the prostate from the tissues around it. Then, it's carefully removed. Some of the surrounding tissue may need to be removed, too. And, nearby lymph nodes may be taken so they can be checked for cancer cells.

End of procedure

After the surgery is done, you are watched closely as you wake up. Follow your surgeon's tips for a safe recovery.