Psychosocial Care for Your Child

This care is focused on your child's emotional well-being. It helps them deal with feelings like stress and anxiety. It helps them cope with depression.

Why is it needed?

Why might a child need this care? It addresses a wide range of problems. It's a lifeline for kids who've lived through abuse, neglect or serious accidents. It teaches a child to deal with how they feel about a terminal illness.

What does it involve?

What does it involve? Well, each child's needs are different, so not all care plans are the same. But in general, one or more mental health professionals work closely with your child. A therapist may read books to your child and talk with your child about feelings. They may encourage drawing or play-acting. For older kids, they may help them talk through complex problems.

Family therapy

Sometimes, just having your child in therapy isn't enough. It may be best for the whole family to get counseling. For this, we use family therapy. These are therapy sessions where you talk about issues together. It helps parents and siblings cope with their feelings, too.


Psychosocial care helps heal deep scars that we can't see. For more info, talk to your child's doctor.