This is a nose surgery. It can change the shape of your nose, and some people choose it to improve the way their nose looks. Rhinoplasty can be used to correct a birth defect or repair the nose after an injury. And, it can improve some breathing problems.


Before the surgery, you are anesthetized. You may be put to sleep. Your surgeon may make one or more incisions inside your nostrils. A small incision at the base of your nose may be used. Your anesthesia options and your incisions are based on your needs.


Your surgeon reshapes your nose by adjusting the bone and cartilage. The surgeon may need to add cartilage or bone from another part of your body. Or, synthetic material may be used.

End of Procedure

When the surgery is done, your incisions are closed and a splint is placed on your nose to protect and support it. Your nostrils may be packed with gauze. Your surgeon will give you tips to help your recovery.