Screen Time and Children

Electronic screens are a part of life for kids of all ages. TVs, computers, and tablets are all around us. But how much is too much? Let's learn more about what's right for your child.

Birth to age two

First, know that screen time is not recommended at all for babies before age two. The exception is if you're using a video chat feature so your child can see a loved one.

Age two to five

Once a child is two years old, some screen time is OK. Between the ages of two and five, you can allow screen time of up to one hour per day. Look for high-quality content. Find things with music and stories that will engage them. View the content before you show it to your child. And then, watch or play along with them so it's not a passive, solo activity. Tell them what they're seeing. Help them solve problems and follow along.

Six and older

When your child reaches age six, you can allow more screen time. But steer them to good content that helps them be creative and engaged. You need to closely monitor what they see. Use a parental lock to filter out things that aren't appropriate.


Finally, know that even high quality screen time isn't as good as unstructured playtime for a child's developing mind. Too much screen time can lead to problems like loss of social skills and obesity. For more info, talk to your child's doctor.