Dental sealant is a protective coating that keeps harmful plaque from touching your teeth. When sealant is put on several of your teeth, we say you have "sealants." Sealants help slow down or prevent tooth decay.

How they are applied

Sealants are applied by your dentist. First, your teeth are cleaned, and the surfaces are treated to roughen them slightly. That's so the sealant can stick to them. Then, the sealant is painted on. It goes on like a liquid, and then your dentist hardens it with a special light. It creates a thin, strong film. It may look shiny, and it may be clear or white in color.

How they are used

Sealants can be put on healthy teeth to prevent decay, and they are a great tool for reducing cavities in kids’ teeth. They can be helpful for protecting the deep grooves of molars, which are hard to keep clean. Sealants can also help protect teeth that have been treated for shallow decay.


Sealants are safe and effective. They may last years before they need to be reapplied. Talk to your dentist for more information.