Spinal Anesthesia for Childbirth


This injection of anesthetic numbs your lower body. It keeps you from feeling the pain of a C-section, or the pain of childbirth. You'll be awake and alert during and after this injection.


To begin, you lie on your side or sit up to expose your lower back. An injection of local anesthetic numbs your skin and tissue.


A needle is then guided to your spine. It goes between two vertebrae below the end of your spinal cord. It's pushed through the dura (the thin sac that holds your cerebrospinal fluid) and into the intrathecal space. That's the fluid-filled space around your nerve roots. Anesthetic is injected into this space. It bathes your nerve roots.

End of procedure

The anesthetic numbs your legs, hips and lower abdomen. It blocks pain for about one to two hours. Follow your doctor's tips during this time.