Stem Cell Therapy for Nonunion Fracture of the Tibia


This procedure is for a break in the large bone of your lower leg. It's an injection of special cells, called "stem cells" from your body. They may help your bone heal.


To begin, you're given medicine to relax you or put you to sleep. The doctor needs to collect stem cells from your body. They are often taken from your bone marrow or fatty tissue. The doctor uses a needle to collect this tissue. It is then processed to separate out the stem cells. They are collected in a syringe.

Injecting the stem cells

With the help of a video x-ray we call a "fluoroscope," the doctor guides a needle to the fracture in your leg. The stem cells are injected into this space. They may help your body grow new bone to heal the fracture.

End of procedure

Follow your doctor's tips for a safe recovery.