Stereotactic Brain Biopsy (Needle Biopsy Method)


This is a way for a surgeon to take a sample of abnormal tissue from inside your brain. It's done with a needle that's carefully guided into your brain.


Before your biopsy, special stickers are placed on your head, and you have an MRI scan. The stickers show up as reference points on the scan. They help your surgeon plan a way to reach the abnormal tissue.


Now it's time for the biopsy. You're anesthetized. A device holds your head still. Your head's position is linked to a computer image guidance system. A small part of your scalp may be shaved. An incision is made on your scalp. Then, your surgeon makes a tiny opening in your skull.

Tissue sampling

Using the guidance system, the surgeon inserts a needle into your brain. It is guided to the abnormal tissue, where it takes a sample. More than one sample may be needed. Finally, your skull and your skin are closed.

End of procedure

After your biopsy, you are watched in a recovery room. You may need to stay in the hospital overnight. Your surgeon will tell you when it's OK to go home. In the following days, your tissue will be examined in a lab. Then, you'll come back for a followup appointment to talk about the results.