Steroid Injection for Shoulder Bursitis


This injection treats shoulder bursitis. That's an inflammation of a fluid-filled sac called a "bursa" in your shoulder. You have these sacs throughout your body. They are a cushion between bones and soft tissues. An inflamed bursa is painful.


To begin, we give you an injection to numb the tissue of your shoulder. We may use ultrasound so we can see your bursa.


Now it's time for the steroid injection. We carefully guide a needle through the numbed tissue. It goes into the bursa. We inject a steroid medication through the needle. This medicine relieves the swelling. There may also be an anesthetic to lessen your pain.

End of procedure

When it's done, we bandage your skin. In the next few days, you may feel your symptoms begin to improve. Follow your care plan for the best outcome.