Stroke Recovery


You'll most likely need some sort of rehabilitation after your stroke. As your brain recovers, you may need to relearn some skills. You may need to find new ways to take care of yourself. For some people, this rehabilitation is done in their own home. Others need to move into a full time facility while they recover.


Speech and language therapy is an important part of recovery. You may find that you have trouble speaking, or trouble finding the right words. A therapist can teach you new ways to communicate while you heal.

Thinking and emotions

You may have trouble thinking clearly after a stroke. It may be hard to understand things. You may have memory problems. So your caretakers may need to take some precautions to keep you safe. It's also common for people to have trouble with emotions after a stroke. Counseling can help.

Physical activity and personal care

A stroke can cause weakness or paralysis, typically on one one side of the body. You may need help moving around. You may need help with things like dressing, grooming and using the bathroom. You may have trouble swallowing, so eating may be hard. Therapists can help you with all of these tasks.


Recovering from stroke is hard, and it can take a long time. But If you follow the advice of your care team, you can make improvements and get back to the life you enjoy.