Taking Your Baby's Temperature

When your baby is sick, you need to watch for fever. But what's the best way to do that? Let's learn how you can take your baby's temperature.


Before you begin, let's talk about equipment. Always use a digital thermometer. Make sure the thermometer is clean before you use it. And never put a glass thermometer in your baby's mouth. They can bite down and break it.

Armpit method

Now, here are three methods for temperature checks. For a quick check, you can put an oral or rectal thermometer in your baby's armpit. Tuck their arm against their body. This method is the least accurate. So if you suspect a fever, you need to confirm it with a more accurate method.

Forehead method

Next is the forehead method. You do it with a digital thermometer made just for this. Some forehead thermometers touch the skin and some are just pointed at the skin. Make sure to follow the instructions for your thermometer. They scan an artery just beneath the skin. It's quick and easy, and comfortable for babies. But it may not give you a reading that's as accurate as possible.

Rectal method

For the most accurate reading, you'll need to use the rectal method. You do this with a lubricated rectal thermometer. Follow the instructions carefully so you don't injure your baby. And be sure to clean the thermometer thoroughly afterward.


For more info, talk to your baby's doctor.