Talking to Your Doctor About Sexual Health


Even though sexual health is an important part of your overall health, you may have trouble talking about it with your doctor. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed. But if you don't discuss a problem, you can't get the care you need. Here are some tips to help you talk about sexual issues.

You aren't the only one

First, whatever's wrong, know that your doctor has most likely dealt with it before. Doctors see so many patients. Most have cared for just about everything you can imagine. So whatever you need to talk about, it most likely won't be new to your doctor.

Your doctor is there to help

Next, know that your doctor wants to help you. Finding a way to help you is your doctor's job. But your doctor can't help you unless you speak up. Being open and honest is your job. So try saying something like “I have a personal question I would like to ask you.” Or you may need to ask “I understand that this condition or medication can affect my body in many ways. Will it affect my sex life at all?”

Write it down

And finally, if you know you'll have trouble talking about a sexual topic, prepare before your visit. Write down your concerns. Make a list of whatever symptoms you may be having. That way, when you're at your appointment you can just hand the list to your doctor. Writing it down can be a good way to get a conversation started.


Don't let embarrassment stop you from getting help for a problem. Speak up so your doctor can create a care plan that's right for you.