Tattoo Removal


This procedure uses laser light to break up the ink particles that form a tattoo, gradually lightening the appearance of the tattoo and eventually causing it to fade away completely. Typically, multiple treatments are required. The number of treatments depends on the skin type, age and color of the tattoo.


Before the laser treatment, the skin is cleansed and sterilized and a local anesthetic may be administered.


The physician uses a laser to bombard the tattoo. The laser breaks up the ink particles within the skin into particles that are small enough to be absorbed by the body. The laser causes the skin at the surface to become bright pink and tender, and may cause bleeding.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

Once the session is complete, the physician may apply an ointment or cream and dress the skin. Over the next few days, the skin will form a scab that will eventually fall off on its own. The treated area may be pink and swollen for a few weeks, but it will gradually return to its normal color. Most people require multiple laser treatments, spaced a few months apart, to completely remove the tattoo.