Tendon Repair (Augmentation with Collagen Graft)


This technique is used to treat a damaged tendon. Tendons are tough, fibrous bands of tissue that attach muscles to bones. They can become torn or frayed because of overuse or injury. Graft tissue can protect and reinforce a damaged tendon, helping it heal. In many cases, a tendon repair is performed as one part of a more extensive orthopedic procedure.

About Graft Tissue

Graft can come as thin sheets of synthetic tissue. Graft may also be tissue that has been harvested from a donor. Several types of graft products are available. Your surgeon will choose the type that is best for your needs.

Preparing the Tendon

Before the graft tissue is implanted, the tendon is prepared. Severely damaged parts of the tendon may be trimmed away. The tendon may be strengthened with sutures or other techniques.

Implanting the Graft

Once this is complete, the surgeon adds the graft tissue. The tissue can be wrapped around the tendon, or layered on one side of the tendon. The graft material is sutured into place. The graft tissue protects and reinforces the tendon. It provides a scaffold for the growth of new tendon tissue. The graft will be gradually absorbed by the tendon as it heals.