Thread Lift


This is a type of face-lift that's done without surgery. It uses special absorbable sutures placed in your skin. The sutures reduce the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin, giving you a younger look.


How is it done? First, you'll have a consultation with a specialist to find out your goals. Your specialist will decide exactly where to put the sutures to give you the best results.

Inserting the threads

Now, it's time for the procedure. Your skin is numbed. A special needle is used to make a small opening in your skin. Then, a suture is pushed through this opening. It's guided within your skin to the area you want tightened. The suture has tiny barbs or cones that embed in the skin. When pulled, the suture gently lifts and tightens your tissues. Finally, the end of the suture is clipped so that it's completely hidden beneath your skin. We'll put several of these sutures in different parts of your face to give you a younger, more toned look.

End of procedure

After the procedure, you go home. You may be able to resume normal activities right away. Expect some soreness and swelling for the next few days. A thread lift isn't permanent. Your sutures will be absorbed by your body naturally over the next one to three years. But as they're absorbed, new collagen will form. This helps naturally strengthen and thicken your skin to give you lasting results. For more info, talk to your specialist.