Tooth Extraction


If you have a tooth that's badly damaged, decayed or that is crowding your other teeth, your dentist may recommend removing it. We call this "extraction." It's a common dental procedure.

Simple Extraction

For a simple extraction, your jaw is numbed with local anesthetic. You may be given medicine to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Then, the dentist uses forceps to loosen and remove your tooth. This won't hurt, but you will feel pressure.

Surgical Extraction

If you need to have an extraction for a very weak tooth or for a tooth that hasn't pushed all the way through the gum, you'll be referred to a specialist for a surgical extraction. For this procedure, you may be put to sleep. Your gum is opened to expose your tooth, and it may be removed in pieces.


After your tooth is removed, your dentist will give you tips to help you heal. Follow all of your dentist's instructions carefully. It can take several weeks for your gum and jaw to fully recover. For some people, it can take months.


Sometimes an extraction is followed by a bridge, denture or dental implant. Talk to your dentist about your best options for restoring or maintaining a healthy smile.