Total Hip Replacement (Margron)


This surgery replaces diseased and damaged portions of the hip with implants designed to restore function to the hip joint.

Damaged Bone Removed

After the femur (thigh bone) is removed from the hip socket, the damaged femoral head is removed from the femur.

Hip Socket Cleaned

Damaged cartilage and bone are removed from the hip socket.

Metal Shell Implanted

A metal shell implant is pressed into the hip socket. In some cases, bone cement or screws are used for additional fixation.

Liner Inserted

A liner is locked into the metal shell to complete the replacement of the hip socket. Although most systems use polyethylene (plastic) liners, the surgeon may choose another type of liner.

Femur Prepared

The surgeon now focuses on the femur implant. First, the end of the femur is hollowed out.

Stem and Neck Assembled

The metal femoral implant is composed of two sections, a stem and a neck, that can be customized to precisely recreate the patient's anatomy. First, the stem is selected and implanted into the hollowed femur bone. Then the metal neck section is placed into the stem.

Ball Joint Attached

A metal or ceramic ball component is attached to the new neck.

End of Procedure

The ball and socket components are joined to form the new hip joint.