Ultrasonic Tendon Scar Tissue Removal (Percutaneous Method)


This procedure uses an ultrasonic instrument to break up and remove scar tissue from a damaged tendon. It's performed through a tiny incision in your skin. It helps treat the pain and inflammation of tendonitis.


To begin, your skin is numbed. The doctor uses an ultrasound imaging device to look through your skin and find the tissue causing your pain. Then, the doctor makes a small opening in your skin. An ultrasonic device is guided to the problem area.


The tip of the device, which looks like a needle, pulses with tiny vibrations that are faster than the speed of sound. The doctor uses it to break up the scar tissue in your tendon. This damaged tissue is flushed out and is removed from your body. The ultrasonic device doesn't hurt any of the healthy tendon tissue.

End of Procedure

When the procedure is done, the opening in your skin is bandaged. You are watched for a short time, and then allowed to go home. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to help your recovery.