Ultrasound During Pregnancy

While your baby is growing in your womb, doctors may check on your baby's health with an ultrasound exam. Ultrasound lets us see inside your body. It uses sound waves to make images of the baby.

How does it work?

How does it work? Ultrasound uses a device called a "transducer." It's put against your belly or into your vagina. Sound waves that you can't hear come out of the transducer. They bounce off tissues and reflect back to the transducer. A computer uses this information to make an image.

Can it hurt your baby?

Can an ultrasound hurt your baby? When it's done by a trained health care provider, an ultrasound is safer than getting an x-ray. And, ultrasounds help spot some health problems early in your baby's development. But they can't find every problem, and sometimes they result in false alarms. So keep that in mind during your exam.


Ultrasounds are an important part of your care plan during pregnancy. For more info about them, talk to your doctor.