This is for men who don't want to father any more children. It's a form of permanent birth control. It stops sperm from getting into your ejaculatory fluid. You'll still be able to ejaculate, but the fluid won't contain sperm.


To begin, your scrotum is numbed with local anesthetic. There are a few methods for performing a vasectomy. Your doctor may make one or two very small incisions in the skin of your scrotum. Or, your doctor may make a tiny puncture in the skin and then gently stretch it open.


The doctor finds the tubes called the "vas deferens." These carry your sperm out of your testicles. One at a time, a short segment of each tube is carefully slipped out of your scrotum. The doctor cuts the tubes, and removes a small part of each one. The ends of the tubes are then closed. They are put back into your scrotum.

End of Procedure

After the procedure, any openings in your scrotum may be closed with sutures or glue. Or, your scrotum may be left to heal on its own. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to help your recovery.