These are false fronts for your teeth. They're bonded to your teeth, so they don't come off. If you have teeth that are poorly shaped, misaligned, damaged, stained or decayed, veneers can give you a beautiful smile.

What are veneers?

Veneers can be made of porcelain or resin. They are custom made and match your natural tooth color. The process of getting veneers may require more than one dental visit, depending on the type you choose.

Getting your veneers

Here's how they're applied. To make room for your new veneers, some of your tooth material is removed. Then, your dentist makes molds of your prepared teeth. These molds are used to create veneers that fit perfectly onto your teeth. This may be done at a dental lab. While you wait for your permanent veneers to be made, you may get temporary ones. Then, when they are ready, your dentist bonds the permanent veneers to your teeth.


Veneers are strong, but they aren't as durable as natural teeth. You'll have to be careful not to bite on things that could break or loosen your veneers. Your dentist will give you tips about how to take care of them properly.