What Does a Podiatrist Do?


Having trouble with your foot or ankle? You may need to see a podiatrist. That's a doctor who specializes in foot and ankle care. A podiatrist can treat injuries and diagnose illness. A podiatrist can fit you for things like orthotics, custom shoes and braces. They can also perform surgery.

Broad knowledge

Podiatrists are trained to care for problems with the skin and nails, soft tissues and bones and joints. They understand the way your foot and ankle move when you walk, and how that movement relates to your lower leg.

Typical exam

During a typical visit with a podiatrist, you talk about your medical history and any problems you're having with your feet. Your feet are examined. The doctor may check your shoes, and look at the way you walk. X-rays or other scans may be ordered. And, you'll learn about treatment options.

Types of care

What are some common problems podiatrists care for? They treat injuries like breaks and sprains. They treat bunions, hammer toes and other foot deformities. They treat painful neuromas. They care for problems that cause heel and arch pain. They treat foot problems related to arthritis and diabetes. And, they care for problems with the skin and nails of the feet.


Don't let foot and ankle problems go untreated. They can get worse over time. So schedule an exam with a podiatrist to get the care you need.