What is a Midwife?

As you prepare to have a baby, you may want the help of a midwife. But what is a midwife, exactly? Let's learn more about who they are, and what they can do for you.

Services they provide

A midwife provides healthcare services for women. They help you before, during and after birth. Before pregnancy, you might see a midwife for birth control and family planning. During pregnancy, a midwife can give you exams. They help with nutrition, exercise and medications. When it's time to have your baby, your midwife will be with you through labor and delivery. With a midwife, you could choose to give birth in your home, at a birthing center or at a hospital. Your midwife could deliver your baby on their own. Or, they may be part of a larger team. And after you give birth, a midwife can give you info about breastfeeding and infant care.

Types of midwives

You should know there are different types of midwives. Some have an advanced degree. They are certified and licensed. Others may have lower level degrees. And some have been trained informally. Different midwives offer different services, depending on this training. So before you choose a midwife, you need to decide what type of midwife will be best for you.


A midwife can be an important part of your childbirth journey. If you choose to use a midwife, make sure you find one you feel comfortable with.