Winograd Procedure for Ingrown Toenail


This procedure is used to remove the problem portion of an ingrown toenail and to prevent the ingrown toenail from recurring. This procedure is performed under local anesthetic, and takes only a few minutes to perform.


In preparation for the procedure, the toe is washed and a constricting band is placed around the toe to reduce blood flow. The surgeon administers injections of local anesthetic to numb the toe.

Correcting the Ingrown Toenail

The surgeon creates an incision that splits the ingrown edge of the toenail from the rest of the nail and continues down through the tissue beneath the nail to the surface of the bone. The surgeon then creates a second incision down through the overlapping tissue on the outer edge of the nail. This wedge of nail and tissue is carefully freed and removed from the toe, permanently eliminating the ingrown edge of the nail and resulting in a slightly thinner toenail.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

When the procedure is complete, the surgeon closes the operative site with sutures or skin closures. The constricting band is removed, and the toe is bandaged and wrapped. After four weeks of healing, the patient will be able to wear a regular shoe.