YAG Laser Capsulotomy


This procedure corrects a cloudy lens capsule that may develop after cataract surgery. The condition is known as "after cataract," "secondary cataract" or "posterior capsular opacification." This treatment is painless. It takes only a few minutes to perform.


In preparation for the procedure, your eye is numbed with a topical anesthetic. Your pupil is dilated. Typically, a special contact lens is placed over your eye. It will focus the laser and hold your eyelid open during the procedure.


You sit and position your eye in front of the YAG laser device. The doctor activates it, shining pulses of laser light into your cloudy lens capsule. The laser creates an opening in the capsule behind your artificial lens. This opening will let light pass through your eye unobstructed, restoring your vision.


The YAG laser is focused so that it only targets the rear portion of your lens capsule. It does not affect any other structures in your eye.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

When the procedure is complete, you may notice an immediate improvement in your vision. This will continue to improve as the dilation medicine wears off. Before you are discharged, the pressure in your eye may be monitored for a period of time. You may notice an increase of specks or threadlike shapes (commonly called "floaters") in your eye. These will gradually clear up in the weeks after the procedure.