You've Found a Lump in Your Breast

You've noticed a change in your breast. You can feel or see a lump that isn't normally there. You're worried, and you aren't sure what to do next. So let's take a moment to learn about breast lumps and how we deal with them.

Don't panic

First, don't panic. Finding a lump isn't uncommon. Healthy breast tissue can feel naturally lumpy. And even if you find a new lump, keep in mind that most breast lumps aren't cancer. A lump could be linked to natural changes that happen with your menstrual cycle. It could be a cyst or a harmless mass of tissue.

Contact your doctor

But you should also know that you should never ignore a new lump in your breast or under your arm. If something feels different, call your doctor. And watch for things like swelling, redness, pain and a change in your breast's size or shape. These are all signs that your lump could be serious.

Testing your lump

We can do some simple tests to learn more about your lump. A doctor or nurse can look at and feel your breast. We can use ultrasound, x-rays or an MRI to see the lump. And we may want to do a biopsy. That's when we take a sample of the lump to look for signs of cancer.


For more info about breast lumps and breast cancer, talk to your doctor.