Willis-Knighton Response to Antitrust Lawsuit

Jul 16, 2015

Willis-Knighton (WK) has seen the antitrust lawsuit filed today by the Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana (BRF) and Vantage Health. The lawsuit alleges that WK conspired with and entered into separate agreements with LSU to divert commercial business away from University Health (UH). That is a false portrayal of medical services provided to and for some of the most vulnerable citizens in north Louisiana.

For many years, beginning long before BRF's management contract, WK has had agreements with LSU and area physicians, at their request, to assist in providing healthcare services through community clinics across our community.

The agreements have provided vital healthcare resources and, as BRF should know, the clinics are not taking patients from BRF, or advancing WK's market position. The agreements were and are for one purpose only - providing quality healthcare to needy patients and families that are seeking services currently at WK. The clinics also provide quality educational opportunities for LSU Medical School residents and fellows.

It is unfortunate that, rather than addressing the serious allegations of failure of contract levied against it this past week by Louisiana State University, BRF has instead chosen to file suit against Willis-Knighton, and in so doing is claiming that LSU, many dedicated area physicians, nurses and staff have all conspired against BRF.

We will be prepared to present and address these issues as well as others in federal court.