WK Eye Institute Offers Technology to Eliminate Floaters

Oct 14, 2016

Persistent floaters in the eye have been a problem that was tricky for doctors to address. Floaters appear as shapes, a dot, string or cobweb across a person’s field of vision and move around quickly. They are generally caused when the vitreous, the gel substance in the eye, begins to shrink. Floaters are more common in people who are nearsighted, who have diabetes or who have had cataract surgery; however, they can also occur in younger patients. For some people, floaters are so prevalent that they are distracting and inhibit the ability to engage in work or have a normal lifestyle.

“For many years, there were no really good options for us to offer patients,” said Stephen W. Lewis, OD, at WK Eye Institute-North. “Past methods to reduce or eliminate symptomatic floaters came with high risk of potential complications and were rarely recommended. Today, laser technology with our new Ultra Q Reflex multimodality YAG laser has proven to be very effective without subjecting the patients to those risks."

The Ultra Q Reflex is the first and only laser designed for laser floater removal and it has provided excellent results. In one case study of the technology with 196 patient, 93% of patients indicated they were satisfied by their results and the improvement in their daily functioning.

Because this YAG laser technology is not routinely taught while doctors are in training, only a small number of eye care providers perform it. However, doctors at all WK Eye Institute locations are trained in the procedure and offer it at the WK Refractive Surgery Center located at Willis-Knighton Medical Center. Anyone who has a problem with floaters can make an appointment for an evaluation at the WK Eye Institute location most convenient for them, Pierremont, South or North. To learn more about this or find contact information, visit wkeyeinstitute.com.