WK Family Connections - Elliott Mike

Oct 24, 2016

Elliot-MikeRosie Mike, who passed away in 2005, worked in Willis-Knighton’s Nutritional Services Department for 34 years. She helped raise her nephew, Elliott, who also worked part-time at Willis-Knighton as a teen. With the support of Willis-Knighton and CEO James K. Elrod, he elected for a career in the U.S. Coast Guard and focused on health services.

Today Elliott Mike is a chief master sergeant and clinic administrator, serving in California. Recently Elliott shared this photo and his appreciation for the inspiration he received at Willis-Knighton from Mr. Elrod. “And now that I embark on my 21st year in the U.S. Coast guard, I look back on my childhood and realize what a blessing to have you and your family support,” he wrote. 

Even though Willis-Knighton has more than 7,200 full- and part-time employees, the health system strives to maintain a feeling of family on all of its campuses. That spirit of connection and encouragement is apparent not only in the daily workplace but in the career development opportunities available at the WK Career Institute and the advanced educational opportunities afforded by tuition reimbursement. 

At Willis-Knighton, we recognize that we are not only making a difference in the lives of our patients but in the lives of our coworkers and their families. Congratulations to Chief Elliott Mike whose career is a great example of our WK Family Connections.